The Founding Principles of Lincoln Search Consultants, Inc. are the first pillar in what truly separates our team from the competition.

Founded in Chicago in 2009, in the Land of Lincoln, the name may seem obvious, but that’s only half the story. Built on the principles we take in our approach to the market every day, how we treat our candidates and clients, the name Lincoln rang true in what we strive to represent with every interaction.

What’s in a name? It’s no coincidence that we took to heart what we want to represent in choosing our name. We strive to represent the qualities and principles absent in too many of the organizations in the staffing field that defined our namesake.

Our Founding Principles:


    Clear communication and expectation setting from the outset with every client and candidate interaction.


    We conduct our business with 100% transparency, no last-minute surprises. We don’t make promises we can’t deliver on.


    When faced with a particularly challenging search, we will dig beyond the surface, advise and consult and engage on strategic search strategies for both client and candidate.


The second pillar to our continued success to is our tightly defined process that produces consistent and predictable results.

Client Engagement Process

An endless data dump of resumes that don’t align, moving candidates down the line that may or may not accept your offer is simply an exercise in futility. If mass amounts of resumes and emails are your preferred approach, we’re not for you.

  1. Seek to Understand – On initial engagement call we’ll narrow in on the heart of the position. Understand the keys to be successful in this role, character traits, other intangibles critical to the search.
  2. Set Strategy – Together, we’ll more tightly define the scope of potential targets and how to best position your role against the endless amount of opportunities candidates have today.
  3. Advise – based on our data gathered we’ll offer our insights into the market conditions and any additional recommendations to increase our chances of finding the right candidate.
  4. Define Process, Delivery Expectations – Define the framework of delivery and set goals to assure the top talent is not lost to the market.
  5. Deliver Talent – Candidate presentations that clearly define the fit, salary history and expectations as well as the key drivers and motivations for change.
  6. Offer / Acceptance – We work throughout the entire negotiation process to assure a smooth offer acceptance taking the surprise (counter-offer, multiple offers) out of the equation.

Candidate Search Process

Meeting with a Recruiter or Search Consultant can be a timely frustrating process. As former candidates who have transitioned to staffing, we 100% understand. Opportunities that don’t align with motivations, location, compensation and so on or the other approach of talk once, never again are all too uncommon.

  1. Seek to Understand – Understanding what skills and experience a candidate brings to the market is scratching the surface. We dig deeper to understand the true motivations and what conditions must exist to make a change a worthwhile option. We don’t push change for the sake of change.
  2. Set the Strategy – Together, we’ll discuss target opportunities and organizations and devise a strategy to approach the market and separate your background from the competition.
  3. Advise – we’ll provide insights on the market to help guide your change, offer resume advice as well as provide other resources and tools to assist in your search should we place you or not.
  4. Define Follow Up, Set Expectations – We’ll set a plan and understanding for follow up and expectations and how we can best work together.
  5. Deliver Opportunities – As we have roles that aligns with your skill set and motivations we will paint a full picture including why the role is open, full company name, our insights and notes from our client meetings before presenting your background.
  6. Offer / Acceptance – We will work throughout the negotiation process should an offer result. We’ll provide guidance and work with you throughout to secure the strongest offer.


LSC’s third pillar to success is our people. Our team is made up of world class professionals who are guided by an impeccable work ethic, an ability to truly listen and partner with client and candidates and serve as a true advisor throughout the process.

Our backgrounds range across the disciplines in which we deliver including former Big 4 CPAs, Corporate Accounting leaders, Fortune 500 HR Professionals whose combined professional staffing experience exceeds 40 years across multiple disciplines throughout the Chicagoland market.

We pride ourselves on our ability to not simply deliver outstanding results but as much in conducting ourselves in the most professional manner driven by our core principles of Honesty, Integrity and Perseverance.